Brasov, the heart of Transylvania (1)

Have you ever had a  feeling that you don’t belong  to a place but another?

Sometimes even if you are with your family, friends and especially when you have all the emotional support still you feel like something it’s wrong.

Well, I had that feeling too, almost all the time and I didn’t understand anything about it. Also, being interested to discover  what I want to do in life and of course where to live, I was thinking which are the places that I like the most from my country and I feel close to. To simplify I started  to be more open and travel often. In Romania you can find a lot of beautiful places especially around the mountains.

So,  my story started  when  I figured out a big part of puzzle.

This puzzle is called  Brasov.  If you are interested to spend a little bit different your summer holiday,  this is the perfect place.

The Black Church

Some tips for you: have a walk on old streets, for a few seconds you will go back in time, try an homemade ice cream and smell the fresh air.

My first time in Brasov was a few years ago.I did not know at that time why this place it will become so special for me. It seems the Univers has answered my emotions and sent me after some years beautiful people, new friends,  a home and of course several challenges that I succesufully passed 🙂

So, here are few places I prefer the most and I think it’s a must for at least one visit, this summer:

1. Poiana Brasov is a favorite resort especially for tourists in winter but in summer becomes a magical one because here you can chase the pure air, highly ozone-free.

2. The White Tower on a rock was built in 1494 and has the shape of a closed semicircle and seems to guard the city.Here I enjoyed the amazing view of entire city center.

3. Behind the Walls it’a a small alley between the main street of the city and the rock where you will find also The white Tower.

If you want to hide from a hot summer day, go behind the walls 🙂

Poiana Brasov

The White Tower

Behind the Walls

Into the urban wild
Forest in the city

For more tips about Brasov,  the old Kronstadt, stay tuned!

Until then, go and let yourself dicovered through the history and the beauties of this amazing city.


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