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Creator, not spectator!

How did I get from the spectator, the creator of my own life? A good question at the beginning of the Chinese year, where with the New Moon on 4 February you had the opportunity to gather all your energy for great purposes.

When I reached this conclusion, I even wondered where this truth came from, which I can not but admit. 🙂

Well, I firmly believe that there is a time when you do not want to watch your life happens instead of running as you want it to. You mean channelling your own attention, energy in the direction of your dreams. Because in the end, it’s about getting to those moments of life when you can say: I did it!

I can say that I am proud of some choices made in the past but also recently. They all gave me personal and professional development tools.

Time is precious, use it properly: for great purposes, for great dreams, for you and the good of those around you, for the environment that surrounds you and gives you everything you need to evolve.

So go for it, choose what you think is good and do not forget every day is actually a New Beginning. You have this chance every time the sun is up in the sky.

Good night!

PS: Watch this video. I recommend these videos of Sadhguru.

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