Despre mine

Your Dreams  Become Your Reality. Just Believe!

Hi, I’m Mady. I am here to discover the beauty of the world.

My story begins with my desire to find out the meaning of my life.

At some point, I felt insecure and most of the time I thought that life is much more than a usual job or some people around me that I do not resonate with.

Mabey you had questions like “what I want to do?”, “which is the most interesting part of this puzzle called life?” or a strange feeling that something is missing. Well, I had it both.

And because of that, I started to research what is beyond my passions.

After a while, struggling with my thoughts and my will, I found a way to live without fears and to do more for my dreams.

The recipe isn’t written, it’s inside of us. That voice called intuition was and continues to be my path. So,  I choose to live in the present moment.

I believe Now is time for everything you want to fulfill in your life.

Time is so important and we have to pay attention because we have this moment, this life for our passions, our goals.

Even if is freaking me out I will do it. I will go outside of my comfort zone and be happy with the things that I love to do.

I am working with a lot of people at my day job but what makes me feel complete are my journeys around the world, my moments of meditation, yoga and my camera that catches through my eyes special moments, things or places.

What inspires me you’ll find here, Around My Dream.

Let’s dream together!