I remember even now the first contact with this beautiful, big and crowded city. March 2016, my first experience in Barcelona and Spain. I chose this wonderful city of curiosity. I just wanted to feel the vibration of a Spanish place. So, I made a plan with my best friend and we decided to buy the tickets and of course, start the adventure.
Barceloneta Beach
The port
Guell Park
Montjuic Fointaine
View from Guell Park
View from Guell Park

First stop: Manresa 🙂 You will ask me, ok you speak about Barcelona, what about Manresa in the same context? Well, as my dear uncle is living in this small city at about one hour far away from Barcelona, I said, it will be good to do more cheaper and interesting this trip. So I chose to stay every night at his place and be lost in the Catalonian town, in the day.

I knew that Barcelona is amazing but being there was incredible. The first day I was so enthusiastic. The moment I got off from the train, in front of my eyes was revealing the beauty of Spanish people, of other nationalities and a lot, but a lot of palm trees.

With a map in our hands, we walk around the city and made a list with what should we visit. (is not my thing but that list was a little bit established before we came to Spain).

Usually, I like to discover things, places and not be so calculated. That’s why I said, hell no, we will do each day what we feel to do. Being both of us agree, we let it go that useless list and took the bus and go fast to Park Guell. The park is in the north of the city so in half an hour we were there.

Because each year there are so many tourists, we tried not to be in the middle of the crowd, so we walked around the small alley until the highest one, to see the view of entire Barcelona. I cannot explain the feeling that I had, seeing the landscape.
We continued to do the same thing every day, to visit the most important places, such as Sagrada Familia, the famous street called Rambla, the Aquarium etc.

What my mind keeps deep inside as a beautiful memory is Barceloneta Beach.

The sun was shining on that cold day of March, the perfect moment for a break, along with the beach, while the wind was spreading around me, freedom, joy, and happiness. These strong feelings gave me hope for keeping awake my dreams.

A special moment that I waited with a lot of enthusiasm was the Magic Fountain of Montjuic.

Water, music, color an entire incredible show with over 200 people around. All the photographers were ready to catch the most beautiful moments.
I will come back for sure here at least, to feel the vibration of a Spanish place.

See you soon!



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