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How to find the best beer in Salzburg

My first day in Salzburg was a little bit odd. I arrived in the afternoon and the weather wasn’t so friendly. Already in the mountains, I could see the snow. Even if I like winter, the picture of the cold city didn’t make me feel comfortable.

After a  few hours of flight, we arrived at Salzburg airport. While we were looking for a taxi I left my luggage on a chair just for a couple of minutes. Happy that we found one, I just run away only with the big luggage. I didn’t realize that my backpack with all my staff such as camera, laptop, and other things wasn’t next to me.

After 5 minutes I remember that I should have something else with me. I ask my boyfriend where is my backpack, he is looking at me, I am looking at him… at that moment suddenly I felt like a should be teleporting straight to the airport. Luckily I wasn’t so far away from it, so I got the next taxi.

A very sweet old taxi driver just took me back to the airport in 5 minutes. The funny thing was he didn’t speak so good English, I didn’t speak German but I saw he was just as worried as me 🙂 The good vibes that I still had in my mind helped me to calm down and end well this “adventure”.

The next day after a few hours of work, on our way back home we just talking and talking with another co-worker and we’ve missed the bus station where we should stop. I don’t know what is happening with our karma but for sure something is not going well?!  Nope, here things are starting to be ok 🙂

You know that feeling when something it’s going wrong in order to find something better?!

Well, it happened. In this way, we found the best restaurant and the best beer in town. Probably the best beer in town. We tried also other brands but it seems this is the best. And it is called Stiegl beer.

Actually, I’ve noticed that in Salzburg the quality of food and drinks is a higher one.

My advice will be for you to try these small restaurants, you will find good hospitality, a cozy corner where you can enjoy an amazing dinner.

Hidden street in the old city where you can find a lot of good restaurants

In case you decide to visit at least for a couple of days the hometown of Mozart, I recommend you try also other parts of the old city. It’s even better to avoid crowded bars and restaurants which are obviously in the center of the city.

My tip for you: explore the city, go find something that isn’t on the next corner. From my experience what is hard to find is way better. In every place, I traveled so far, I’ve decided to search these simple but beautiful things.

In other words, my first days in Salzburg was full of surprises, beautiful ones. This is the reason I enjoy so much when things are happening suddenly, without making a plan. My best memories are coming from these kind of experiences.

If you had a similar experience or something that you remember from a small adventure like mine, please share with me in a comment or on my Facebook or Instagram. You can check also the video below for more information and exquisite images 🙂




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