About the Icaros ceremony

I have not mentioned the Icaros ceremony before. It is the most beautiful ceremony I have attended so far!

I am happy to return to the blog with a different article from the ones I have written before. This pandemic has come with many changes. Many have refocused their businesses and activities online. Therefore, from this point of view, there were pluses and minuses.

A plus for me was to discover wonderful people even from the other side of the world. I participated in various ceremonies or yoga sessions to which I would not have had access in different conditions.

Thus was born my interest in Inca culture and all that involves ceremonies held by masters in Peru. I started with shamanic breathing sessions, followed by days of practice of Munay meditation. Then I fulfilled my dream of being part of an Icaros ceremony.

You may or may not have heard of this term before. Those gave a pertinent definition at Etnikas in Cusco, Peru.

“Icaros, they are songs of sacred medicine or shamanic songs (prayers or mantras typical of the Amazonian shipibo culture). Healers learn the songs by dieting, taking specific plants and staying isolated for a long time, such as six months in the jungle.

During this time, the healer connects with the spirit of the plant through dreams. The plant gives them the song to sing and the knowledge about how to use the plant as medicine or medicinal properties. Over time, Icarus and knowledge have passed from generation to generation.”

The shipibo tribe and the connection with these songs

Moreover, the shipibo tribe, which carries on this tradition, also have an exciting history. The Shipibo community consists of about 35,000 people. They all live in over three hundred villages concentrated in the Pucallpa region, along the Amazon River.

Shipibo people are primarily artisans, hunters and fishermen, and some practised agriculture. None of the Shipibo villages has electricity.

It preserves many of their prehistoric shamanic traditions and beliefs. Among their practices is the Ayahuasca ceremony (Banisteriopsis caapi).

Shipibo artisans are known for their elaborate designs and geometric patterns on ceramics. All are pass down from one generation of artists to another.

There are many theories about the meaning of unique intricate geometric patterns Shipibo. Some anthropologists consider it to be an ancient form of language. Others assume that the designs represent a mapping of the Amazon rivers.

Whatever the explanation, which often doesn’t even matter, what I do know is that in this part of the world, there is still a boundless form of love for nature, people and healing.

All this information about the Shipibo tribe and the ceremonies it has been passing on for hundreds of years from one generation to the next. Clearly shows how tradition and Mother Earth are respected.

I say this not only from what I have read but from the direct connection I had with a part of the Herrera family, through the ceremonies I attended.

Angel, Tedy, Liliana and Paola are people full of authentic knowledge with respect for the tradition. They have a great desire to pass on everything they know beyond the borders of the community they belong to.

How was the first Icarus ceremony for me?

I had already participated in other Etnikas activities, which led to an even greater curiosity to take part in other ceremonies.

An ocean separated us all present from Master Manuel and his songs from another dimension.

It didn’t stop me from realizing how blessed I was just because I was able to connect with the master and the over 50 participants.

Icaros is something beyond words. It gives you a state of peace, you don’t even want to understand where it comes from and what it means, you want to listen. You wish to integrate into all your structures what you receive.

Even without wanting to know what those lyrics mean, the master told us every time why he sings.

I think I started on a path that I shaped some time ago, but I didn’t know much about it consciously. There comes a time when, being prepared, you discover, like me, where you want to go, where you want to go and from whom you want to learn.

There is the main ingredient that once I put into practice led to the materialization of some things. It’s about PATIENCE.

What did I do to get more endurance? So far,  calligraphy 😊).  I just fell in love with this art, and that’s how I discovered what it’s like to have more patience.

If the Icarus ceremony has somehow aroused your interest or you are planning a trip to the Andes, Etnikas, Traveling and Healing, they are pleased to help you.

Aum Tat Sat


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