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Inspiration from Masaka Kids Africana

For two days I have been following a video clip of the children from the Masaka Kids Africana that I found on Facebook. We shared it on Around My Dream facebook page and since then I’ve been hypnotized. I have always wondered from where so much positive energy inside these children.

I love their style of moving, dancing, talking. As if everything flows smoothly through their bodies, their vibration is a special one.

I want to go to Africa, anywhere. I know it will not be the easiest experience because of what I could experience emotionally. But even so, it remains my special dream that I know I will accomplish at one point.

Sometimes, when I tend to worry about something minor in my life, I remember that I really have no reason to do that. I really have everything I need. The rest are details. Like me, if you have health, you have a body with which you can move freely, you can dance, run, you have a roof above your head, no matter how it is, you have clean water to wash, drink and have food for your body means you are one of the happiest people on earth!

On the other hand, I love their style of channeling all the energy of the body, how these children move on the dance floor, whether improvised or not.

If you do not know what the Masaka Kids African is, I will tell you. In Masaka, where the orphanage in Uganda is located, these children make their lives more beautiful, have more exciting activities, including dancing. The orphanage takes care of children from the age of 2 years.

“We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams.” Albert Einstein 

Following this motto, these children guide their activities. Wonderful!!!

If I do a memory exercise, I remember a picture I reacted to at that time, posted by Robert Diaconeasa somewhere in Zanzibar. That photo put together some absolutely incredibly beautiful kids, where the attitude of “I am king of the world” was seen on their face.

I would be glad to share ideas, opinions about an experience in Africa or with such children. You most likely have charged with good energy and become spiritually richer.

By the time I get to enjoy the presence of such children in person, I leave the video here for you to watch. I put it on repeat mode every day.

Photo: Masaka Kids Africana

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