Looking for a new adventure in Gran Canaria

My first visit to Canary Islands was amazing.Definitely it’s a perfect place to live for the rest of your life, no matter what island you will choose. For me, the adventure started with Lanzarote and then I had the chance to live  for a short time in Gran Canaria.

Everytime I go in a new place I became a little detective trying to discover all the cool things I can do there.

Gran Canaria it’s known for his little desert in the middle of Atlantic. Here are some photos that I made and hope to inspire you for your next holiday.


 Maspalomas Dunes
February mood in Gran Canaria
Colors of Atlantic
Street joy

Why I am so in love of this island? I can tell you three important things that makes me so interested to come back and why not to live there.

First: here are most the kind and beautiful people I ever met.

Second: the weather it’s a perfect match with my lifestyle. I can swim or drink a cold juice also in February at +30 degrees.

Third: The Atlaaaantic, you will see  this giant with his beautiful colors and clear waves even if it’s summer or winter.

I lived in south, in Maspalomas where the little desert I was talking about it extend to more than 1 km.I have never seen so much sand in my life!

Also I had a huge surprise coming here. Almost in every corner of the island I was seeing the spiritual side of people and of course I found a lot of stores with this profil. I remember my first day in Canary Islands, somewhere close to a parking car, I saw  a Buddha statue  at the bottom of a tree, probably waiting nirvana to come 🙂

I think I didn’t miss any chance to buy some cristals or Budhha statues. Here you can find more informations about the stores I found.

Oh my God, I realize I am completley in love of this island !:) 

This is what you can see in the south. But on the other side of island in the north, you can visit the beautiful capital, Las Palmas.

Here I discovered a lot of religiouse culture, an old town with small streets and palaces that are in Renaissance and Baroque style.

Street in Las Palmas

The Basilica Cathedral

The Canaries has a special vibration for me. I think it is a magical place even if you prefer Gran Canaria or Lanzarote.

Buut this is not ending here. Fuerteventura and Tenerife here I come 🙂

What about you? Where to?


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