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Meditation – the gate to the inner Universe

There are 8 years since I discovered this miraculous technique of returning to my inner Universe. When I discovered it there were not so many people speaking about it, at least not in the public space. Or it is possible I did not have eyes to see it. As the saying goes, when the disciple is ready the master appears.

On this principle, things worked for me and they still work.

Why did I call this technique The gate to the inner Universe?

Maybe you’ve already experienced it, but the answers we craving in our lives when we are in a deadlock come from within us, and if you have not heard from others, it’s not hard to realize that it is. You can call it an inner voice or a sixth sense, but there will always be the silence that you so hardly look outward.

For me, it is exactly like a gate which, if I choose to open it, proves to be an infinity of possibilities. I’ll explain what I mean when I say possibilities. When you enter the vast space inside you, can experience a tranquillity from which then flows all the answers you are looking for. Just in silence, you get to your full potential. There is nothing you can not do as long as you are aware that you are more than what you experience at the physical level.

For me, meditation means to open a gateway to my inner world and at the same time to close that of the outer world, in which I physically live day by day.

  • After practising long-term meditation, I have acquired some capabilities, I have become aware of several important things: Inner serenity
  • Joy and gratitude for what I am here and now
  • Greater trust in my own strengths
  • Being aware of the fact that looking inside was and will always be the place where the greatest ideas can be born
  • Ability to look with love everything that surrounds me.
  • Offer and even if it sounds cliché, even without waiting for something to come back.
  • Help and then smile that I was able to do that. You do not need great facts to approve that you did. There may be a little gesture from helping an old lady climb the ladder of the block or give a smile to someone.
  • The power to move more easily over unpleasant situations without taking them dramatically. Life is not an accident is exactly the story you wanted to live on. If you do not like the story you are part of, you can easily, easily rewrite it. you have to want this!
  • the ability to observe my thoughts and accept the less pleasant ones without giving them any power to grow up in my mind.
Do you know the beauty of this constant practice ?! You can always discover something new, you can have your moments of “aha”. Those are actually the most authentic moments, they are yours and only you can understand them.
It is a little difficult to translate exactly the experiences of meditation. That’s why I’ll just try to inspire you and if I’ve managed, get your hands on some headphones, choose a guided meditation to resonate with, or if you’ve reached a certain level of consciousness and presence you can meditate without guidance. The secret is to watch your breath carefully, and see what happens. 😊

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