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My number one dream-Santorini

It’s been a long time since I understood that every wish you have, may turn into reality. The secret is to have strong positive feelings about it and faith that only you can create your own reality.

 This was my first start about how can I get a ticket for my number one dream 🙂

Surely I didn’t know a way to fulfill my dream but I knew exactly what I want to see the most beautiful island in Europe-Santorini!

Being in love with discovering other cultures I started to search for information and read almost everything about this amazing place.

Of course when I start an adventure usually I am not alone and it’s a must to have something that increases adrenaline 🙂

This time I was planning the trip with someone special. In the beginning, I didn’t have any idea that I will plan this trip for two but it seems the Univers had bigger plans with me, more than I expected.

So, everything started at 7 am somewhere in Crete waiting for the morning to come and go straight to the island. Usually, I am very careful when I plan a trip.  I wake up early I, take my backpack and in a few minutes, I am ready. But surprise, in the morning, I think my phone was sleeping too because he forgot to ring like other mornings 🙂 

Everything was on the last 10 minutes, the bus was coming without waiting too much for crazy people like us.

Because we had only 10 minutes to be ready and walk along the way until the bus station, we just ran on the most “nice” slope I ever saw. After 5 minutes of running like this, my legs were dancing salsa without my will.

In the end, we arrived in time and after one hour we were on the ferry heading to Santorini.

The stories that our guide told us on the way to the center of the village was so beautiful that made us more curious to get there.

After this episode, we had the chance to go alone to the small alley and discover ourselves the real Santorini.

For two photographers this was an amazing chance to catch beautiful moments, people and little corners from the market that from our point of view was like a treasure. We took over 2000 photos and it did not seem to be enough.

When I go to a beautiful place I am feeling very special.

In Santorini, my eyes were all over the place, in every volcanic landscape that throws you in a fairytale.

The sun is so strong in the middle of the day but it’s also windy so I just took some quiet moments watching the huge ships which were anchored down the sea. The island is a volcanic one and this makes the place more interesting because the locals and especially the owners of the small boutiques had many ideas in using black stone in their sales such as jewelry or different souvenirs.

For me, this trip has not yet ended. For sure I will come back for another special moment: hunting the sunset from the highest place of the island.

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